Beach and Bar

A drive along the Bay road through historic Basseterre. The Cenotaph a monument erected in memory of the individuals who lost their lives in both world wars. As you continue your journey we pass through fort land, where many types of architectural structures can be seen. We then move onto Shadwell. This area was a Sugar plantation. Some of the great houses that once adorned these plantations can be seen. Please have your cameras ready. As we leave Shadwell we venture into Olivees ,where if you have a quick finger you can catch a sight of our famous Green Monkey. We then move on to Timothy Hill. Here you can stand and get a view of both the Caribbean sea and the Atlantic ocean. From here we journey to the south East Peninsula where you will enjoy the magnificence of our beaches. Bars are dotted along the shore where you can choose from rum punch and our local island drinks.

Tour Duration: 3 hrs


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